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5 Gallon Water Cooler
This 5 gallon water dispenser buying guide will help you choose the right type of water jug or dispensing bottles for outdoor - sports events, travel - camping, and home - office use.

10 Gallon Water Cooler
What to look for to buy the best 10 gallon water cooler? In this review we also look at the commercial Igloo and Rubbermaid 10 gallon water containers for domestic home brewing, hot and cold beverage drinks, or other industrial plants uses.

Drinking Water Faucet
Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Faucet Buying Guide

Modern dispenser faucets come in many stylish stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes to suit just about any kitchen or bathroom interior. From Peerless, Jacuzzi, Water Ridge kitchen faucet and Water Saver Faucet Company...

Brand Reviews

avanti-reviews Avanti Water Cooler
Reviews of Dispenser, Ice Maker, Freezers & Avanti Wine Coolers

Avanti water dispenser offers consumers easy storage, lightweight construction and silent operation. From countertop water cooler, to ice maker, Avanti freezer, wine storage cellar and chillers...

brita-reviews Brita Water Cooler
Brita Water Dispenser Filtration System Benefits & Problems

The bestselling Brita water cooler dispensers for home or office are Brita Ultramax Smart dispenser and Brita Aqua Fountain water cooler, but small countertop filters have battery problems...

elkay-reviews Elkay Water Cooler Parts & Elkay Water Filters - Are They Any Good?
Elkay bottled water cooler comes in free standing or wall hung refrigerated fountains. From school buildings, hospitals, offices, to factories, Elkay water coolers have been satisfying customers with state-of-the-art designs and high-quality materials...

GE-reviews GE Water Dispenser
Energy Efficient Refrigerator & Free Standing Water Coolers

With Energy Star ratings, both refrigerator and freestanding GE water coolers offer affordable hot and cold water. GE water dispenser cup holder makes changing bottles become a snap...

greenway-reviews Greenway Water Dispenser
Reviews & Benefits of Greenway Water Cooler Filter System

The Greenway bottled water dispenser has cost-effective, long lasting water filtration system with lots of easy to find replacement parts. You can buy countertop, freestanding, refrigerator and specialty designs...

igloo-reviews Igloo Water Cooler
Dispenser for Marine, Sports Event & Commercial Use

The Igloo water coolers are designed for compact, large, mobile and heavy duty use. From Igloo Marine coolers on wheels, to Igloo water dispenser & chillers made for rugged outdoors family...

insinkerator-reviews Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser
Delivers More than just Instant Hot Water with Great Filtration

Insinkerator hot water dispensers are great ways to add versatility to any home kitchen or office, where boiling water is needed. With Insinkerator instant hot water faucets, making coffee, tea, washing, rinsing...

rubbermaid-reviews Rubbermaid Water Coolers & Bottles - Rubbermaid Cooler Reviews
Have you seen plenty of those orange Rubbermaid water cooler 10 gallon containers? Commercial Rubbermaid coolers are built to last, and can stand up to heavy, often abusive use, while offering low budget price for everyday personal use.

sunbeam-reviews Sunbeam Water Cooler
The Alternative - Sunbeam Hot Shot Water Dispenser

Want to buy bottled Sunbeam water coolers or parts? There was a time when finding upright Sunbeam water dispenser was fairly easy. Not so anymore. However, you can get the Hot Shot...

whirlpool-reviews Whirlpool Water Cooler
Reviews of Whirlpool Bottled Water Dispenser D45, D25, B10

Looking to buy a compact unit for home or office? Whirlpool water dispenser offers safety features with easy digital control. Hot and cold refrigerator...

Bottled Water Brands

aquafina-reviews Aquafina Bottled Water
Nutrition Facts - Where does Aquafina Water Come from?

There are no chemicals in Aquafina bottled water. The company is best known for Aquafina purified water - contain no salts, chlorides and total dissolved solids, using safe HydRO-7 steps purification system.

fiji-reviews Fiji Bottled Water Analysis
Where Does Fiji Mineral Water Bottle Come From?

Fiji water bottle comes from an underground aquifer on Yaqara Valley on the Fiji island of Viti Levu. Natural Fiji Artesian water is contaminant free (contains no fluoride) with healthy levels of important minerals.

nestle-spring-water Nestle Bottled Water
Origin and Information on Nestle Pure Life Water Ingredients

Not many know the origin of Nestle bottled water brands. It owns Perrier and Poland Spring. Previous Nestle spring water bottles have been replaced by the fruit flavored drinks under Splash and Pure Life...

poland-spring-water Poland Spring Bottled Water
The Secret Behind Poland Spring Water Delivery Company

The stackable Poland Spring water cooler offers great space savings for home or office dispensing needs. But have you heard of the secret ingredients in Poland Spring Sparkling water? Watch the video report...

sigg-reviews Sigg Water Bottle
Recall & Reviews of Sigg Bottles Accessories for Kids

Parents will find stylish attractive Sigg water bottles designs for school children. But beware of reports on Sigg bottle accessories concerning allergies and health safety before you buy.

Bottled Water Facts
Statistics on Quality, Source, Ingredients, Prices, Safety, Environmental Waste & Marketing

There is a lot of information available on the Internet regarding bottled water statistics, but many are simply misleading. Most companies practice defective marketing campaigns with camouflage of going green...

Water Cooler Bottles
Is it safe to refill water bottles? Learn about the difference between plastic, metal and glass bottle water coolers; as well as choosing the best bottle size for home or office use, depending on how many people you plan to cater for.

5 Gallon Water Bottle
You are not limited to plastic. There are several types of 5 gallon water bottle containers that provide plenty of drinking water storage for family homes, work offices...

Best Water Filter Reviews

ge-smartwater-mwf GE Smart Water Filter
Safe & Easy to Replace Residential Refrigerator Filtration System

The GE SmartWater filter MWF is proof of what today's technology can acomplish. With easy "twist and turn" replacement, GE Smart Water filtration system can remove lead; reduce Mercury, chlorine...

kitchenaid-superba KitchenAid Water Filter
Superba Kitchen Aid Replacement Water Filters Buying Guide

The Popularity of new KitchenAid Superba water filter will increase as the company keeps making replacement refrigerator filters that can fit into appliances from Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana...

whirlpool-fridge-filter Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter
In-line & Interior Whirlpool Fridge PuR First Replacement Instructions

You can buy in-line (wall, under counter water wave, sink) or interior Whirlpool refrigerator water filters for both grill fridge models and other ice making appliances...

camping-water-filter Camping Water Purifier
What's the Best Filtration System or Camping Water Filter for Hiking?

A portable camping water filtration system for hiking or backpacking is critical to good health, especially when you have no choice but consume contaminated water from sources like rivers, lakes, campground water faucets, etc.

rv-reviews RV Water Filters
Comparison of Whole, In-line & Reverse Osmosis Systems

From RV water filter cartridges, canisters to installing in-line or whole RV RO systems; living off the grid has become cheap...

salt-water-pool-system Salt Water Pool Filter
Systems Maintenance & Common Problems

How a salt water pool filters work is no mystery. Free of chlorine, salt water pool systems disinfect organisms, killing bacteria and maintain purification...

Faucet Water Filters Comparison
Kitchen Faucet Mounted Water Purifiers by Pur, Brita & Culligan

Today, you can buy kitchen faucet mounted water filters with air-gap or non-gap purifiers. Most popular are Brita, Culligan and Pur faucet water filter with modern 3 stage filtration system at affordable prices.

Undersink Water Filters
How to Choose the Best Under Sink Water Purifier System?

Good quality under sink water filtration systems can remove hardness, odor and bad taste from tap water source. Installation of ceramic under sink water filters can be easily done by most residential DIY owners...

Best Water Softener Reviews

ge-softener-reviews GE Water Softener
General Electric Osmonics Smart-Soft Technology

General Electric products like the GE Osmonics water softeners allow users easy access to safety bypass waves, simple-to-use controller and superior-quality tanks.

whirlpool-softeners Whirlpool Water Softeners
Reviews & Reported Discharge Problems

Among the most popular is the Whirlpool WHES40 water softener, which is rated at 40,000 grain capacity. It's suitable for families of up to 5-6 and can treat household hard water...

rv-softener RV Water Softener
The Benefits of Portable Water Softener Treatment

For RV vehicles, portable softeners can be installed as in-line or whole-filtration systems. With RV water treatment system you can choose to purify cleaning or just drinking...

Salt-Free-Water-Softener Salt Free Water Softeners
The Benefits of Saltless Water Softener & Consumer Reports

What are the advantages of no salt water softener compared to sodium-based filtration? Learn about the pros, cons and beware of consumer reports on fake salt free water softener systems for treating hard...

salt-water-softener Water Softener Salt
How to Choose the Best Types, Delivery Service & Usage Tips

You can buy rock, solar and evaporated salt for water softeners. The best water softner salt works by removing hard minerals like magnesium, calcium...

installing-water-softener Water Softener Installation
Basic Instructions on Cost, Where and How to Install

Basic manual steps showing you how to install water softener with video demonstration and expert plumber advice. Installing a water softener begins by locating bypass valve and inlet pipes...

Hot Water Heater Reviews

Ariston-reviews Ariston Water Heater
Reviews of Best Tankless Electric Hot Ariston Boiler

The best Ariston hot water heaters on the market are: Piccolo, Eureka and Europrisma electric series. The gas and electric Ariston tankless water heater is widely trusted in both temperate and tropical countries.

rv-heater RV Hot Water Heater
Maintenance & Most Efficient Portable RV Tankless Water Heaters

Watch video on RV electric water heater parts replacement. Read reviews of the most energy efficient on demand RV water heaters for camping vehicle home cabins.

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